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In this episode of the DeviceTalks Weekly Podcast, Levita Magnetics Founder and CEO Alberto Rodriguez-Navarro, M.D. speaks with host Tom Salemi about Levita’s past, present, and future. Hear the origin story of how Alberto developed the Magnetic Surgery System as a surgeon in his native Chile after experiencing firsthand the problems with existing technology, especially around post-operative pain and hospital inefficiency. He shares how the system provides better outcomes for patients: less pain, faster recovery, and fewer incisions.

Alberto goes on to explain how Levita is creating its own robotic platform that delivers triple impact: to patients, surgeons, and hospitals. In addition to the patient benefits that Magnetic Surgery already provides, the Levita Robotic Platform aims to deliver improved visualization and complete control over laparoscopic procedures (what Salemi likens to a “robotic assistant”) for surgeons and increased volume and efficiency for hospitals. The Levita Robotic Platform is slated for submission to the FDA for clearance within a year.

Catch the interview with Alberto Rodriguez-Navarro beginning at 1:07:10 in the podcast.

DeviceTalks Weekly Podcast
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