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  • Reduced Number of Incisions

    Eliminate an abdominal incision and tube (trocar)

    Incisions and trocars are associated with risks including major bowel and vessel injury, incisional pain, infections, bleeding, scarring and hernias.

  • Better Cosmetic Results

    Look better after surgery with fewer scars

  • Fast Recovery

    Return to work within 5 days

    In a 50 patient study, among the 33 patients who worked, the average time to return to work was within 5 days of Magnetic Surgery.1

  • 96% patient satisfaction

    In a 50 patient study, 48 said they would have the Magnetic Surgery procedure again.1

  1. Rivas H, et al. Magnetic Surgery: Results From First Prospective Clinical Trial in 50 Patients. Annals of Surgery, January 2018,267(1):88-93.